I love being able to share the aspects of my life that have given me wonderful experiences and I feel are important and worthwhile.
I have a great love of food, fashion and fads.
Fads are not short lived as I have experienced , like history, they seem to repeat themselves. The hoola hoop, skate boards, Charcoal BBQ's, handmade clothing, are all popular ideas of today which came from yesteryear. 

The pursuit of fabulous food recipes and my love of fashion and hair styling occupies a great deal of my thoughts on a daily basis. Each day spent in my salon, Hairgicians is an absolute pleasure. Whether it’s a fresh idea for your new look, or helpful info on preparing great food, I enjoy sharing my experience with you.

I live on the island of Prince Edward County in rural southeastern Ontario. It is a laid back tourist destination brimming with artist’s studios, trendy cafes and restaurants and a growing number of wineries. This blog is my effort to share with you evocative and innovative ideas concerning food and fashion while enabling me to “give back” to a community that feeds my appetite for superlative information on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoy my shared experience and fabulous findings.
Lori MacRow

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