Fashion Sense

I love this plaid pencil skirt. The cropped neutral colored knit sweater is a great topper. Casually professional.

This look packs a little more punch. The mannishly- is that a word?! tailored ankle skimming pants are a personal favorite. These pants become very sexy by allowing a full view of those wonderful heels! Again a cropped sweater, this time showing a little glimpse of tummy.
Fabulous looks both from Zara. Photos via Dust Jacket.
Our workplace,  lifestyle and of course our budget dictate the fashion choices that end up in our closets. I have enjoyed the fashion savvy expressed  here by Robyn Dowsett.
She is the owner of  SecondDebut clothing store in Napanee. Self proclaimed fashion rebel, she says that you should wear what makes you 'most happy and authentic'. In other words, lets not get totally caught up in a particular 'color' that is this seasons favorite just because a celebrity is wearing it. To avoid a 'fashion disaster', wear styles that work for you, in colors that appeal to you. Have some fun your next fashion purchase. Clothing stores that carry previously enjoyed merchandise allow you to explore some new color and style combinations without breaking the bank. In any case, what we are wearing does affect our mood. Today, it's -27 degrees Celsius where I live. That means VERY cold, so... no bare feet in high heels for me or cropped sweaters... I'm wearing my comfy fleece shirt and jeans, sipping coffee to stay warm and dreaming of Spring weather and the fashion that arrives with it!...

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