Sexy Hair Styling Tutorial

Here's a few tips on how to create sexy, tousled, Brigitte Bardot-esque hair. Photo courtesy  Dust Jacket Attic.

Believe it or not, hair that's a bit dirty is better for this look. Use a dry shampoo product on hair that hasn't been freshly shampooed. This will add volume and give you a tousled, messy look to start with. Pick up a large piece of hair from your crown and back comb evenly. The more successful your back comb technique is, the more professional looking and longer lasting your hair do will be. Photos courtesy  This Is Glamorous!

Apply a light misting of hair spray. Then let the back combed hair sit back on top of your crown. Use a light touch with a hair brush to smooth the top hairs in place. If you want an exaggerated bit of height here feel free to purchase a hair form. Place it on your crown, smooth the back combed hair over. Anchor in place with a few pins. P.S. You can go here to make one of these forms from panty hose if you are into DIY. 

Pin back the sides to the center back. When you are using bobby pins, push them upwards from the occipital bone firmly with the open end pointing towards the crown. This helps keep the pins from sliding. Try to buy your pins from a beauty supply store instead of the drug store. They will hold their tension better even after many uses. Apply more hair spray.
My suggestion would be to wear this hair with the smoky cat's eye look. Easy tutorial  here.  Enjoy!!

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