Summer Fashion

Here are some casual photos taken of everyday people on the street. These are four great looking guys enjoying their coffee break, each one making his own personal fashion statement. I think that these gentlemen display some interesting fashion sense. Even though I don't think I would ever consider a brown and blue combination, the first guy does look like he knows how to buy great shoes...needs a little help with the tie but the fabric of his suit has a nice finish and drape...he's wearing great looking cuffed pants... oh, and he does like to share! The white pants are very daring, the shirt is a bit loud, but bold checked shirts are a fashion fad this season. You also do have to appreciate a man who is comfortable wearing a few bracelets! The next gentleman is wearing a tight leg pant, a bit casual, I think when wearing a double breasted blazer. I love the shoe sock with bare ankles! The guy on the far right is very put together head to toe, but he's also not into sharing, keeping his croissant to himself. This wonderful photo was taken in Florence on July 17, 2013  by Jak and Jill. Probably you should forget any critiquing I have made. I reside in rural southeastern Ontario, not exactly a fashion hub... It was just such a pleasant surprise to stumble on this great image that I had to share it. A different focus for us than all of the lovely ladies who seem to dominate the fashion scene!

Interesting looking suits worn by 2 gentlemen from Florence, a wide pinstripe and a subtle square stripe. Very colorful silk pochette accessory. I'm not sure about their tie choice though.

This gentleman from Milan has it together. Great jacket! No tie...my favorite look and I still am partial to how interesting the bare foot looks in a good looking dress shoe.The same applies for women, the bare foot I mean!

The gentleman is from New York, and the lady is from Sydney. All great looks captured by Jak and Jill.
Have a great day!!

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