Eye Make-Up Tutorial - Creating The Cat's Eye

This is really simple. You need 3 different shades of eye shadow. One neutral shade (picture#2) to cover the lid to start, one darker shade (picture #3) for the dramatic look for the outer eye and one very light shade (picture #7) to place just below the high point of the brow to finish. Photos courtesy  The Small Things Blog.

 I always do my eyes first before applying other makeup because there's always some powder that gets dropped below the eye when I'm working. Start with a cleansed face. Apply a small amount of foundation to the eyelid to set up a nice neutral surface. Use a sponge wedge for this to ensure a light application. Dust lightly with powder to set the palette for your look.
 Use good quality brushes. Start with the neutral shadow to cover the lid. Peachy or rosy taupe depending on your skin tone. If you are more than 40 use a mix of matte finish eye shadows for this as opposed to glossy.
Next, use a smoky grey tone to start your cat's eye effect. Work from the outer corner of your eye towards the middle of your eye. Apply using the sponge tipped shadow applicator, then brush over this with your small tapered blending brush. A few light applications of the darker color are easier to manage than one heavy coating.
When you are happy with your eye shadow application add your eye liner. Liquid liner gives the most drama but is also the hardest to work with. If you are concerned, use a soft pencil liner first to follow later with the liquid liner. Always work from the outside of the eye into the inner corner. It helps to place a finger firmly at the outer corner of your eye and pull the eyelid outwards and down to provide you with a taut surface for liner application. For the cat's eye effect you only need liner on the outer half of the lid extending past the outside corner as in picture #4.
Don't forget the light shade just below the arch of the brow for accent as in picture #7.
For extra drama you can line the inside of the lower eyelid as well. This depends on the effect that you are after. Apply a little bit of pencil to your well shaped eye brows for finishing definition.
Brush off any eye shadow that has fallen below the eye and continue with you makeup. Now is is the time to add concealer if necessary followed by foundation before cheeks and lips are accentuated.

This next tip adds superb dramatic punch.
For a little extra fun you can purchase false eyelashes. Trim off all the lashes right at the base leaving a few  lashes at one end. ( to go at the outer corner of your eye)
 Trim the curved base so that instead of covering the full length of the eye lid, it only sits on about one half of the length of your eye lid. Put the lash adhesive on and add the trimmed lash base to your eyelid pressing with the closed end of a pair of tweezers.
Apply the lashes as close to your own lash base as possible. When  applied in this manner the trimmed lash base accentuates your liner and the few lashes left on the base placed at the outer corner of your eye give a most impressive cat's eye affect. Have fun!

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