Denim Faves in Fashion

 As the summer months have descended my busy life becomes less focused on fashion. My children are young adults so there's no hubbub of school graduation festivities and possible fashion concerns involved with that event. My friends are all currently married, so there's no research initiated on wedding fashion trends. I do happen to live in a community which has a huge focus on tourism for the summer months, so my life becomes necessarily hectic for 2-3 months in order to accommodate the influx of happy vacationers. I run a souvenir/gift store business as well as a silk screen print shop. Needless to say these commitments necessitate a daily dress code of comfortable, style conscious but casually professional clothing. That being said denim seems to fit these requirements for me. It stays fresh and unwrinkled through a hectic day. A denim skirt, culottes or shorts can be a little dressy without being pretentious depending on how you accessorize them. When I saw this posted by The Sartorialist  I thought it aptly encompassed the timeless versatility of denim.

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