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Summer is fast approaching and what a great time to add to your koozie collection. These days you don't have to be a large corporation to order koozies.  There are companies offering the ability to purchase koozies with a low minimum order of 12 pieces. There's even one company that I have found that lets you order 1 koozie if that's all you want. You can even order individual koozies with something different printed on each one. There's no minimum order.
 Koozies are a great way to promote your business, however today they are not only a promotional tool. They are being used for wedding favors, bachelor and bachelorette party favors, birthdays, anniversaries, float trips, or just about any event you're putting on. You are no longer limited to a one color imprint, there's full color imprinting available and you can even have your favorite photo printed on your koozies.

Zippered Beer Botttle Koozies are a traditional favorite, however you can buy koozies for cans, water bottles, wine bottles and just about any beverage you can imagine. The secret to purchasing a high quality koozie is to make sure that you are buying the ones made out of neoprene. They are a bit more expensive, but they really do keep your drink cold. I have found that the open celled foam type (cleverly being called scuba foam) have no insulating properties at all, and they fall apart in a short period of time. The neoprene variety not only keep your drink cold, but they last a long time.

There's a new type of koozie on the market these days. It's called the Magnetic Koozie. What's so neat about this style is that the 2 tiny earth magnets sewn into the back of the koozie hold a full can of your favorite beverage on anything metal. These are fantastic for those who enjoy tailgate parties or those who like to have there drink hands free while riding the lawn tractor. Give them a try, they're a lot of fun.

For those of you in the USA who are looking for a large amount at wholesale prices I would suggest wholesale koozies.

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