The Peplum Trend And How To Wear It

                                               Beautiful pencil skirt with attached longer length peplum.

                                                                                Fitted top with gathered peplum

The perfect peplum. It certainly looks beautiful on both of these models, however notice that they are both slim. How do those of us who aren't quite so slim going to wear this springs' fad? I've shown you these 2 styles of peplum, and there are many more, to help illustrate that a well chosen peplum for your figure type will make your waist be a focal point, thus creating for you an hourglass shape. The color, drape of the fabric and length of said peplum will help you create this illusion. First photo courtesy harpersbazaar.com. Secondly, photo courtesy  shoppegirls.blogspot.ca.

 Wearing the right peplum will define your waist and help hide any tummy. By the same token, the peplum the right length and drape will help hide big hips and butt. For skinny people, the gathered peplum adds curves by defining a waistline.
Here's a few points to ponder,before you start to try these on. I think it may help you find the right peplum for your figure type.
Use color blocking and the peplum to enhance your figure.
 The first model adds some volume to the top of her slim body by wearing the light colored floral blouse.  The darker color, length and drape of the peplum on her skirt will hide tummy and or butt.
Alternatively, minimize large shoulders and or bust by wearing the dark color above the peplum and  lighter solid colors below.
The crisply gathered fabric that the polka dot peplum is made from is best worn with a slimmer silhouette. A pencil skirt or slim fitting jeans and heels complete this pretty ensemble. If you like this look but are a little unsure of the curves it adds, simply make sure that the peplum length does not end at the wide point of your hips! This just adds more width in that hip area. A peplum with less crispness to the fabric with the peplum draping slightly longer in the back would give you a more slimming look.

Photo courtesy of Trendoracle

Here's a perfect example of a very attractive casual way to wear a peplum. Its soft draping folds are reminiscent of a ruffle. This looks very feminine and easy to wear with jeans or I think a dressy skirt on a different occasion. You could also put a pretty belt on this to draw even more attention to the defined waist. In any case try on a few of these with my tips in mind and I'm sure that you will have success in your purchase of a peplum.

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