Tailored Shorts Fad or Fashion?

Ashley Olsen   photo by Little Plastic Horses
How are you wearing your shorts this summer? Of course we can't all be Ashley, but most of us do have a favorite pair of denim shorts. Pair them with leg lengthening heels and a statement making belt and you're ready for the weekend or a casual night out. This seasons figure flattering tailored shorts featuring a higher waist and a wider leg  are reminiscent of a culotte or skort...skirt and shorts combo. They are worn in a variety of lengths depending on your figure type and comfort level.
This wrapped skort is by Zara and the beautiful braided sandals are by Chloe. Photo presented at Fashion Toast
I think that this tailored shorts style is sure to retain its popularity because it looks good on a variety of figure types. These are referred to as high waisted but in reality, they sit at your natural waist instead of well below it. The fuller leg makes this short appear as a mini skirt and the mini has made a reappearance as well but that's another story.

shorts suit by Joie presented at  Song of Style

Add a feminine blazer and your shorts take you to places other than the beach. Have some fun with this springs' new tailored style. Figure flattering  and easy to move about in.
Whatever you do steer clear of that once again resurfaced Bermuda shorts trend. These really are just short trousers and I think are made to serve athletes for practicality not fashion. If you are self conscious about the size of your legs and hips then by all means wear the "born again" midi skirt with your heels. The Bermuda length short only looks good on those people with long legs. If you have long legs, wouldn't you want to wear shorter styled shorts...Just Sayin!

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