Hair Style Tutorial, How to Style a Top Knot

 The top knot is a great way to wear your hair up for both casual and dressy occasions. Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to create this little beauty. The knot is supposed to look effortless and not contrived but also finished and not sloppy. For this season, the knot should have a certain fullness yet not be too floppy. Also to achieve this look, don't pull your hair back too tightly. Since this is a look that suits many facial shapes I have used this simple technique many times using different finishing touches to suit the occasion. Follow these steps to style your perfect top knot. Photo courtesy of  RunwayortheHighwayShanae Grimes wearing a Top Knot. 

Photos   Courtesy    A Beautiful Mess

This was always my and many of my customers most favorite "UpDo" because it is not too structured and formal. The top knot and variations of it are both finished and feminine enough to wear to the wedding but also carefree and easy to wear to an informal occasion.

                   Follow these simple steps. Use the pictures above for numbered reference.

1. Start with freshly washed hair for more fullness. If your hair is fine and easily flattened, blow it dry with a medium hold gel and hair spray. You will get the most volume from your hair by bending over and blowing your hair with your head upside down. Put your hair in a loose but tidy pony tail. Leave a few pieces out to frame your face or at the nape of your neck if desired.
2. Apply more hair spray to the pony tail. Use a hairspray that dries quickly, not one that leaves the hair moist and sticky.
3. Back comb the pony tail. If your hair is soft and fine, separate the pony into 2 or 3 pieces and use a comb with fine teeth to back comb each piece. A tail comb with fine closely spaced teeth works best on this hair. If your hair has natural fullness you can use a wide tooth comb for successful backcombing.
4. Hold your hand under the pony tail when you're finished backcombing and brush the top strands only with a hairbrush, to lightly smooth the surface. Spray lightly once again. Wrap the hair over your hand. The width of your hand will determine how large your knot is. Hold the end of your pony tail firmly with your other hand. Tug it through the loop to effectively tie your knot. Yes it's actually a knot...Who Knew!!
5. Holding the end of the tail firmly as shown, push downward, against the cuticle to "back comb with your fingers".
6. This provides you with the "tousled top" as pictured.
7. Slide the narrow handle of a tail comb through the knot to pull out fullness where needed. Anchor the knot around the edge with a few bobby pins.
Practice makes for the perfect imperfection of this great "Do".


*Use a medium hold gel or mouse while blow drying to give your hair workable fullness (not too stiff)
*Use some hot rollers before the pony tail for more fullness or after the pony tail before back combing, to control  dry frizzy ends. The hot rollers add more finish to your top knot. If this hair do is taking you to a wedding I would definitely take the extra time for hot rollers.
*Use a  hair spray that dries quickly, good examples are, Tres Emme Tres Two or Sebastian Shaper Fierce.
*Purchase your bobby pins from a beauty supply store. These professional style pins will anchor firmly and not slide out.
*If you want a "grunge" look with your top knot, don't wash your hair before starting. Add your hairspray and continue to the pony tail... Have Fun!!

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