Body Slimming Clothing Fad, Or Fashion?

The Dress That Makes You Slim as presented by Madison Magazine
Here's the skinny on the dress that makes you slim! The dress was designed by "George" a clothing line sold at ASDA stores in the UK. The dress has body sculpting side panels designed to smooth your thighs and firm your behind. Apparently "George" designers have also created body sculpting slacks and skirts. The dress creates the illusion of the perfect hourglass figure. The body sculpting panels apparently reduce the waist size by 3 inches. The designers put this line together in response to a survey done by Asda stores which told them that a large majority of ladies are not pleased with their figure. The survey revealed that 60% of the ladies questioned were not happy with their stomach area and 41% thought that their bottoms were too big. Alas...I have also participated in the female desire to have a different body than I was given, longer legs, bigger bust, flatter tummy...the list goes on. 

 As early as 1910, ladies have cinched their waists in with a corset. In the 50's and 60's you wouldn't get dressed without your girdle. The trend continues today. 
America's youngest self made billionaire, Sara Blakley has made herself an absolute fortune selling her product line called Spanx. This line features body sculpting undergarments like the "Slim Cognito" and tights called "Skinny Britches".  
But wait! It was also mentioned in the survey engineered by Asda that 72% of the men that were questioned revealed that they much preferred a lady sporting a fuller bust, curvy hips and rounded bottom!
Why is it that we (as ladies) pay no attention to the overwhelming percentage of men who desire their partner to be "filled out" and curvy. 
Some of the most photographed ladies have been ladies with very full figures. The beautiful Marilyn Monroe was a very sexy lady and a prime example of  curvy and full figured.

Pictured below, Sophia Loren a beautiful and sexy lady. Both women have been world renowned for their beauty and both have full figures.
I personally can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be to wear a body sculpting dress that squeezes your waist in by 3 inches. I wonder just how high your eyebrows are raised by the end of the day. Just sayin...
If you're still determined to appear as enhanced as possible, don't bother with your diet, put down those weights and go to Asda.com where you can buy this figure enhancing dress for $36.00.(plus shipping of course). The rest of us will be wearing the new slimming fashion trend of high waist pants and trying to remember to eat salad for lunch...

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