Stripes, Fad Or Fashion?

These great looks featuring stripes are available at Zara.

Lori's List: Stripes, Cheeky Or Chic? 

This spring 2013, you will find fresh and bold looks with wide stripes or subtle and traditional clothing sporting the perfect pin stripe. A quick review of the striped suit worn in the quirky movie Beetlejuice will surely keep you aware of how this fashion trend is easily overdone! Less is more with the delightful effect of stripes. If this is a fad you favor then you will find lots to choose from this spring. Chic looks achieved  with stripes will carry over season to season if chosen carefully, but only buy into this fad if it suits you.
 Info on where to find these colorful striped outfits is available here.

Most outfits can be easily livened up with a clutch or shoes embracing the nautical trend. But, that being said, don't feel limited to the black, or navy and white stripe, bold colors look great when presented as stripes as well. Personally, I think that the colorful stripes are "Cheeky" and  maybe a bit of  fun to wear but offer a decidedly more casual effect.
The black and white or navy and white effect with narrow stripes is timeless and traditional and probably the wiser investment.
You get to decide. Does your clothing need to take you to the office?... or are you shopping for fun fashion to wear on the weekend?

 Rita Hayworth is definitely Chic in this striped blouse.This picture was taken circa 1942, proof positive that stripes are simply making a valiant return for you to enjoy!

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