Lace, Fad or Fashion?

 So... if you thought that lace was best featured in lingerie, prom dresses or bridesmaids gowns, think again! This great little skirt is a wearable length and easy to wear neutral color. It brings a dramatic punch to this otherwise casual ensemble.
This outfit is featured by J.Crew and is currently sold out! How are you wearing your lace this spring?

If your work day demands a more professional look, you could easily pair your lace skirt with a suit jacket. Notice that the skirt featured here is a more generous length but is a figure flattering pencil shape.This suit is featured at Macys, but is currently sold out as well.
 If skirts don't fit into your lifestyle then check out the lace shorts and tops available. 

These shorts and the lace inspired top are available from Aritzia.
As far as the lace trend is concerned my advice would be to let common sense be your guide.
Personally, my lifestyle indicates that a smart  purchase would be the lacey tank top style. This piece can be easily dressed up when the occasion is warranted or simply pair it with a denim skirt or shorts for a casual look. Smart fashion choices are fun to wear and easy to care for. Personal taste and of course your budget will be your guide. A little bit of lace...or a lot...it's entirely up to you!

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