Fashion Colors Spring 2013

These are the Pantone fashion colors presented for Spring 2013. As each new season begins, this is the reference that I use to stay informed regarding colors that are being presented for clothing and accessories. Before I create a purse or garment, I try to make sure that my fiber colors fit in with the new color choices of the season. These are the colors on display to the public in every available shopping outlet no matter what your budget. Pantone is the standard language for color communication that is used between fashion designers and their manufacturers and also retailers and their customers.

As you can see if you love to wear poppy red,  it will be easy to find clothing and accessories in this wonderful color. There are also 3 different shades of green that will be prevalent as well as the ever popular pastel shades of mauve, yellow and nectarine. If you shy from wearing the bright yellow green, you might add it to your ensemble in the form of a  bracelet or small handbag. You can see by looking at the color chart that this green works in well as an accent with the dusk blue or the lemon yellow.
Of course color is only part of the picture. With this palette in mind, designers produce garments exemplifying certain trends or fads. The manufacturers then produce a marketable version of these styles. We as the consumer get to decide which of these fads we will actually wear based on our lifestyle, personal taste, and of course our budget.

That being said, here are a few Fads in Fashion that you will be seeing this spring:
1. Lacey Garments, 2. Stripes, 3. Short Skirts, 4. Tailored Shorts,
5. High Waisted Pants, 6. Bralettes, 7. Overalls (in pastel colors), 8. Floral Fabrics
9. Metallic Fabrics, 10. Leather (in pastel colors), 11. Embossed and Appliqued Fabrics
12.Color Blocking (black with white, linen with black), 13. The Peplum and Ruffles!

As you can see this season offers a plethora of Fashion Fads, yours to embrace... or not!
Runway examples of each of these trends can be examined but by doing so you will see that they are often too extreme for most of us to incorporate into daily wear. I can show you how these fads can be fun, functional and complimentary to most of us. We can explore each one and I will show you what I think are wearable examples.

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