Family Day and Brew Pubs!

It's Family Day in Ontario and this year the weekend weather has been spring like and very enjoyable. A lot of businesses put forth a great effort to create fun filled family oriented adventures with captivating menus targeted at getting us out of hibernation mode while partaking in social activities designed for all ages.
We decided to make a stop at Midtown Brewery, our favorite brew pub in Wellington. The weather was too mild for any one to be able to skate on the outdoor rink there, but the pub was quickly filling up by 1:30 and apparently the Sunday business was over-the-top crazy all day. Prince Edward County is currently home to many craft breweries.
They are a very sharing community of young entrepreneurs, quick to edify each other's professionally crafted beverages, actually selling and recommending their neighboring brewpubs' ale.
While the very popular Parsons Brewery has a coveted highway #49 location with high visibility for those entering from the east, it seems that Torontonians entering from the west are very enthralled with the Midtown Brewery's easy downtown Wellington location. They each have kitchens boasting popular trendy cuisine. This being their first winter with kitchens, it has become very popular for these brew pubs in particular to host a guest chef. By scheduling a kitchen takeover, pub patrons enjoy a new menu, and the pub doesn't need to worry about staffing the kitchen. It's a win for all involved, again a very sharing community.
Over the past year, the Wellington Market, (visited by the Royal Family this past summer) has spawned a new breed of caterers, or 'chefs without restaurants'. Several talented young chefs, simply cook from market tables and each have successfully launched their brand of ethnic food variety. These talented foodies have found placement at markets, wineries, and special events. They are an integral part of the aforementioned 'kitchen takeovers'.
The common thread here is that these are newly settled people on this island bringing their entrepreneurial finesse with them. New food varieties, fresh and well prepared, raising the bar on your next ethnic food adventure! Photos courtesy Midtown Brewing and Parsons Brew Company.


Fashion Prozac!! Now trending...

After a year of disappointing politics and atrocious human behaviors, it seems that designers have responded by creating clothes that allow us to at least dress ourselves happy. Bold bright colors, even the pastels are iridescent and shimmery. Uplifting powerful 80's dress styling with the ability to transport you to perhaps a happier place. Hold on for some over the top texture, crazy fringes, joyously jolting colors!

Cool and crazy,... if head to toe bright colors aren't your jam

These are referred to as sugared almond pastels with the soft lilac being the favorite.
Creative conversation inspired by and pics courtesy Marie Claire.


Flavor Forecast...yes it's a thing!

Even before my husband started his street food business, aka "The Travelling Friar", I have always been intrigued with food trends. A quick perusal of Flavor Forecast by McCormicks will offer some insight and simple recipes. Follow me through my cooking adventures learning about the newest and my favorite taste sensations. The category of street foods will surely 'bring to the table' some new and wonderful multicultural food experiences.


Pantone Colors...what are they?

In 1963, Lawrence Herbert saw a need for a scientific method to communicate color. Shown here are spring 2018 pantone colors for fashion direction. Pantone color classification is the language of professional color in every industry.
In 2017, we saw a surge in the popularity of bold, bright colors. That trend will continue to be embraced through 2019. With Ultraviolet taking over Millenial Pink as this year's favorite, expect to see some eye-catching combinations with intense colors.


Brownies In A Frying Pan!

What could be simpler than baking brownies in a cast iron skillet? My cast iron skillet is one of my favorite kitchen items. Of course make sure your pan is clean and well seasoned before you embark on this great recipe! To make certain just look here in my blog for some easy steps.This photo and recipe inspired by A Beautiful Mess Read the details after the jump! 

Fashion Inspiration

I love this look for a variety of reasons.This was presented by Vogue Australia. The serpent skin was a trend that I wore and enjoyed from the late 70's and early 80's. The ear cuff I also enjoyed wearing during that same time frame. I was a recent graduate from a private hairdressing school during those years and was working my first job 'behind the chair' in a very busy upscale salon. Every new stylist in this salon seemed to have a huge fear of  'special occasion hair' commonly referred to as the 'updo'. This exact hairstyle and a few close variations, worn by this model was one that I employed with ease, thus maintaining the coveted position of staying 'behind the chair ' and not 'behind the broom'! This photo courtesy Little Plastic Horses.